10 Weight Loss Tips From Women Who have Lost 100 pounds.

10 tips Women 100 pounds tips


Achieving a consistent and steady weight loss can be tricky, especially when the stress and the fast pace of modern day life leads one to unhealthy living habits and binge eating.

So, it’s quite easy to get stuck in the middle of a weight loss program or not find enough determination to get into one to begin with.

However, if you’re suffering from a similar dilemma and find yourself to be giving up on your dreams of getting back to shape then we have just the right article for you today.

We have bought you some of the best inspirational tips from women who have themselves lost over 100 pounds of weight.

Not only are these women an inspiration themselves, but they have left behind a few words for our readers to abide by, to help them out on all their weight loss struggles.

Tip #1: Don’t Give up even if you reach a plateau.

‘Weight loss started out to be quite easy for me. With the right diet and exercise, I was losing almost 1 pound per week but I think it was right after the 30th pound that my weight started to plateau and my body mass became stagnant. Needless to say I was feeling defeated, I thought that it won’t work and I came very close to giving up. But I am happy that I didn’t and I kept up the effort and now I am 100 pounds lighter.’

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Tip #2: Cut down on all your poor lifestyle habits.

‘I just loved KFC. I couldn’t get enough of their fried chicken and burgers and I would work up a craving every day, which I would more often than not give into. But when I got obese I realized that I needed a change and a diet filled with fried food and carbs was quite counterproductive to what I wanted. To lose my extra 106 pounds I cut down from 3 large meals to 6 small meals and filled my diet with a lot of veggies and salads. I miss bread; however, the constraint is necessary.’

Tip #3: Start with small changes.

‘When I first started on my weight loss course, I found the process to be easier if I started with changing smaller things one at a time in my diet than changing the whole routine completely. I loved fizzy drinks. Pepsi, Cola, Root Beer, you name it. So I started replacing all that sugar with loads of water and green tea. I soon transitioned to cutting down on carbs, replacing normal bread with wheat bread and rice with brown rice.’

Tip #4: Changing your snacks.

‘Snack time was always candy time for me. Chocolate chip cookies, cheetos, I loved them all. But as soon as I started my program I made a lot of healthier choices. I absolutely cut out junk food and stuck to healthier options like protein bars, shakes, pistachios and low-fat string cheese during snack time.’

Tip #5: Prepare your own meals.

‘I practically had my lunch every day in the local diner near the place I go to work. They have a pork rinds to die for. But I soon got extremely fat and health issues started to pop up. Under my dietician's advice I started to cook for myself. Healthy yet tasty dishes like baked fish with olive oil and barbecued turkey soon became my staple.

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Tip #6: When Eating out try splitting it.

‘During the earliest stages of my weight loss journey, my friends were one of my biggest sources of strength for completing the weight loss program. They were always there for constant support and helped me out by splitting the meal every time I decided to dine at a restaurant. By splitting food I realized that I was eating less and craving even lesser. I started to put half of my portions served into take out boxes. To enjoy some other day.’

Tip #7: Exercise and a Healthy Diet should go hand in hand.

‘Working out should never really be an excuse to continuing with junk food. When I started to work out I had a hard time leaving fatty and oily food behind. And I thought by working out I could justify that habit. But as time went by I hardly lost any weight and it did not take me long to realize that if I did not chart out a healthy diet soon I would never get in shape.’

Tip #8: Simple Diets are always the best.

Always take a minimalist approach to your nutrition. My diet primarily consists of lean protein like fish, chicken and egg whites, along with certain complex carbohydrates like oats, sweet potato and quinoa. Partaking in healthy fats is wise as well, a lot of vegetables dressed in olive and coconut oil is always a good choice. Religiously following my diet has what helped me to lose over 100 pounds today.’

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Tip #9: You don’t have to give up on your favorites.

‘You can always try and make your favorites healthier. Not a single week went by when I did not dip my fingers in french fries and ketchup with some grilled cheese on the side. But after I started my diet plan, I did not want to give up on the foods that were familiar to me. So I replaced the grilled cheese with turkey burgers made with wheat bread, and normal potato fries with sweet potato fries.’


Tip #10: Always pack snacks if your working late.

’One of the leading causes of obesity is eating at the wrong time of the day. It’s important to have small meals at regular intervals and pack yourself a light snack if you’re working late. When I was at my heaviest I was eating a lot of fast food on my way back home at around 9.30 and 10, and that is exactly what got me so overweight.’  

Final Thoughts.

We hope that these inspirational tips were able to help you out with all your weight loss problems today.

Till next time!

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