About The Skinny Vibes

About The Skinny Vibes

Welcome to The Skinny Vibes! Let’s get Healthy!

Hi, my name is Serah and The Skinny Vibes is my passion project. I have always been a big health and fitness geek and would always love to look into different ways of improving my health.

I’m also known among my family and friends as the health and fitness guru who would always tell them any helpful advice or tip I would come across. I would help out so many people that they all started suggesting I start a blog dedicated to this information because it was my forte.

Lo and behold! Here I am with The Skinny Vibes! I took everyone’s advice and poured all of my passion for health and fitness into this blog so that I can reach as many people as possible and help them out in some small way. And since I already love researching and writing, this comes naturally to me and feels effortless.

I hope to help out all my followers in some small way with the content on my website. I would be honored to be the source of thin-spiration in your fitness journey! Before you check out the content on my website, how about you get to know me and a little about my life and routine first? Let’s get started!

My Daily Fitness Routine: What I love to Do

I cannot live without physical exercise, and you could almost say that I’m addicted to it. If I somehow end up a missing a day of exercise for any reason, it drives me insane! I can feel my body starting to slow down and deteriorate and feel withdrawal symptoms as every cell in my body urges me to get up and start kicking.

Now I’m not a bodybuilder or a professional, but I do try my best to squeeze in as many fitness activities that I can in my typical day. My day starts with a healthy morning run! I love to go out on run in the early morning hours because the air is fresher at that time of the day, and there is less noise pollution to disrupt the peace in your mind.

I make sure to go on my daily morning run before breakfast because there are so many fitness benefits to doing so. Running or doing any type of cardio exercise on an empty stomach kick starts your body’s fat burning processes. How does this work? Well, when your body has no carbs (which are also known as sugars) inside of it, and on top of that you start exercising, your body starts burning fat reserves because it has no other choice.

This means that your body is now using the excess fat that you have accumulated as a source of energy in the absence of carbs. This is excellent and proven way to not only lose all that unsightly body fat, but also maintain a superb slender figure. Once you get on this routine, you will start loving your new body so much, you’ll never look back!

Now, running is my main form of exercise throughout the day, but I also love doing yoga on the side. Yoga is an excellent medium to get you’re your whole body to relax and get rid of all the negativity and tension you built up throughout the day. I feel amazingly relaxed after my yoga sessions and I cannot imagine a day without them.

Afterwards, near the evening time I like to take a nice swim with my gal pal Carrie (Who I lovingly call Boo) in my backyard swimming pool. The pool is medium sized, not too big or too deep, but Carrie and I manage to take a good amount of swimming laps in it. What I love swimming is that it involves every single muscle of your body, and also it sure is fun as heck! Plus, I get to have some much needed quality time with Boo.

My Health and Fitness Philosophy: What I believe in and What Skinny Vibes is About

The reason behind me being a health and fitness enthusiast, and ultimately behind launching this website is my core philosophy in life, which is: a healthy body is a healthy mind. Our bodies are our vessels and it is our responsibility to maintain and constantly strive to improve these vessels.

This means we have to strive for the best and keep pushing the boundaries, because there really is no such thing as being too fit and healthy, right?!

I find that it is very easy to maintain healthy and active lifestyle if you stick close to nature in every aspect of your life. This means trying to get as much outdoor exercise as possible. And also eating natural foods that are not tainted by chemical processes that can harm your body and disrupt its natural balance.

Another fitness philosophy of mine is to practice as much moderation as possible. Even good things can be harmful when done in excess. This is why moderation is not just a good fitness and health philosophy, but I feel like it is generally a good life philosophy.

Applying moderation principles to your fitness philosophy means consuming food only as much as your body needs. Cut down all extra snacks and unhealthy fast food from your life. It also means to practice moderation in your physical activities.

Get a good amount of exercise every day, but try not to over work yourself and treat your body to some quality relaxation time as well. When you practice this philosophy on a regular basis, your body starts aligning itself to the natural processes. After a time, you won’t even feel like you are putting in any effort, you will just naturally feel healthy and amazing.

So that was a small introduction about my life, my fitness routines, and health philosophy. I hope my site is helpful to you in your journey and that you enjoy the content! Happy Vibing!

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