A Beginner’s Guide to Your 30 Day Ab Challenge


Do you have guts to tone your muscles in a month? Guys, be ready to take the 30 days ab challenge if you are a fitness lover. Yes, in a month, can you do it? Take the challenge that is specially designed to strengthen your muscles. It is not a tough one if you are a hardcore fitness lover who can spend hours in a gym to get a good body shape.

Why should you take this challenge?

The challenge has multiple benefits. It will train you and boost your self-esteem. It will change your daily routine of your exercise from few minutes to hours. The challenge is designed in a way so that you can include these exercises in your lifestyle. It will improve your fitness knowledge. You will feel good at the end of the challenge and will learn new strong and powerful exercise. It offers benefits like:

  • Prevents body pain
  • Improves posture
  • Improves sports performance
  • Better breathing
  • Slimmer waistline

Thousands of people took this challenge and got a healthier body. You are here on this page, show that you are ready to take the challenge and want to know how far you can go in it. So, let’s begin and see what the challenge is all about.

The 30 days ab challenge

The challenge is slightly complicated for those who are the beginners. Before you begin it, learn about it and know what you have to do for the next 30 days.

Normal crunch

Most of the challenges include crunches. To do crunches, lay down on the floor and bend your legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Your hands should be placed on the back of the neck. Lift your shoulders from the ground and flex ab muscles. Breathe out while bringing your shoulders back. keeps breathing doing it. Focus on ab muscles and don’t pull the neck.

Hip Raises

Place your body in the same position as you did while doing crunches. But while doing this, lift your butts off the ground. Breathe out while bringing it back to the ground. Doing it is little funny, but it will reduce your hips.

Leg Raises

Lay down on your back on the ground, put your legs straight, and point your toes up. Keep the legs to 90 degrees. Keeping your arms on the side of your body brings legs down to the ground. Raise your legs towards to the ceiling with pointed heels. Do it slowly and stay in control while raising your legs. It can be tough if you have not done this before. Do it slowly and don’t give up if you fail to do it correctly. Keep doing it at the slow pace.

Other than these three exercises your challenge may include some other exercise such as:

  • Elbow Planks
  • Oblique crunches
  • Sit-ups
  • Flutter kicks

The 30 days ab challenge will keep you strong, and your abs will become more visible after the completion. Don’t think that you will get six pack muscles after it because it depends on the body of individuals as well on their dedication and the way to perform the tasks. Remember that you can do all the exercises in a controlled manner and don’t overdo. If your goal is not accomplished within a month, then continue it even after that. Your ultimate goal should be a healthy body rather than completing it as soon as you can.

  • A meal is one more essential part of your challenge. Eat healthily and stay fit that’s the motto of this challenge. To complete the task you will need enough energy and strength so that you don’t break out in the middle. It does not mean that you cannot eat your favorite meals. Yes, you can and enjoy it without affecting your goal. You need a healthy and good diet plan. What to include in your meal and what not will make a healthy diet plan. Here is meal plan for those taking this 30-day ab challenge.
  • Here is your Meal plan

    Plan for your 8 am breakfast- oatmeal, any fruit or sprouted bread is the good way to get carbs from your meal.

    Plan for your snack at 11 am- for your small hunger eat snacks such as avocados, nuts such as pistachios, almonds or seeds.

    Lunch at 1 pm- your lunch meal should include regular or sweet potato, brown rice or quinoa. They are great in taste and also fill your stomach.

    Snack at 4 pm- you can have the same snacks that you ate before your lunch. Snacks are important as they don’t add up the extra carbs or fats by fulfilling your hunger and during lunch or dinner, you will not eat much.

    Dinner at 6 pm- eat vegetables for dinner. Avoid vegetables that have roots like turnips and those rich in carbohydrates.

    Snack at 9 pm- again its snack time. You might be thinking who eat snacks after dinner, but because you ate less heavy meals in dinner, you will later feel hungry. So, snacks will keep you full until the morning.

    Tips – drink lots of water whole day so that your body remains hydrated and you don’t fall during the workout. To fulfill your water need, you can also drink shakes. You can also have post workout shake that includes 40-50 g of carbs and 20-30 g of protein.

    In every two hours eat something so that you don’t crash down. It will also boost your metabolism. So, hope you understand how to keep yourself healthy and what your meal plan should be? We hope that you can complete your challenge within the specified time and make strong abs. You can also take the help of some videos and tips from experts to help you in a challenge.

    Don’t stress out if you could not do it within 30 days. Continue the plan as your ultimate goal is to have a healthy body. You can also give this challenge to your friend or do it together so that you both can motivate each other. Let’s see who can complete it. That will be another challenge, but it will be fun to do it with your friends.

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