Buying PhenQ: Amazon, GNC or Walmart?

PhenQ is undeniably one of the most revolutionary additions in the department of weight-loss formulas to hit the racks ever!

With a cutting-edge formula designed to provide you with incredible results and maximum efficiency on your journey, It is definitely winning hearts all over!

It was launched in 2017 and since has established its dominance over numerous fitness programs and regimes all over the States.

This dietary supplement is manufactured by Wolfson Berg that’s reputed for creating several other health supplements and products.

This is one dietary supplement that contributes to weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolic rate and energy levels. It has been known to control and regulate the lipid production of the body leading to rapid fat-burn. Make sure to checkout our detailed review of Phenq

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How does the product work?

PhenQ boasts of an all-natural ingredient list that helps you to lose weight by improving your metabolism. When your metabolic rate goes up, the thermogenic (heat-producing) process shoots up, facilitating rapid fat burn. This converts excess calories into great amounts of energy.

It essentially works in 5 significant ways to achieve the entire feat of losing a substantial amount of weight:

  • Increasing the body’s metabolic rate and the process of thermogenesis
  • Suppressing appetite, thereby eliminating cravings and the proneness to overeat
  • Boosting the overall energy of the body
  • Inhibition of fat cells, thereby suppressing the production of new fat
  • Elevation of mood, thereby keeping you fit and active all day

Benefits of PhenQ

Similar to how it works, PhenQ benefits your health in 5 vital ways that are results of the supplement’s workings and mechanism.

  • Thermogenesis and burning fat

The groundbreaking constituent in the PhenQ formula that works towards rapid weight loss is A-Lacys Reset which is a thermogenic element. This accelerates the metabolic rate of the body, bringing forth thermogenesis that raises the body temperature to a considerable extent, but for a certain period of time.

This process melts excess fat and generates higher levels of energy which makes the body highly active, gradually pulling it into shape.

  • Suppressing appetite

One of the primary reasons that lead to weight gain is the tendency to eat unhealthy food that is loaded with calories, carbs, and fat. What PhenQ does cut down on these hunger pangs and cravings by suppressing appetite to an extent.

This helps you to eat less without the occurrences of gastric afflictions or stomach cramps.

  • Inhibits fat production

The supplement contains piperine that is being debated to possess fat-inhibiting qualities. It claims to inhibit the creation of new fat by impacting the lipid cells in the body.

  • Boosts energy

When appetite is suppressed, energy levels fall as well. But PhenQ is designed to prevent your energy from dipping and boosts it up even when you’re appetite is suppressed. This achieves the dual benefit of burning fat and keeping you active at the same time, all day long.

  • Lifts up the moods and spirit

Usually, with a loss of appetite coupled and rapid burning of fat, one may undergo rapid mood swings, ranging from restlessness to irritability and nervousness.

However, the constituents of the formula help to elevate the mood, providing you with a good and relaxed feeling. This helps keep the body and mind fresh and active, inspiring you to work towards staying fit. It makes your weight-loss journey considerably easier this way.

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Benefits of the main-component: A-Lacys Reset

The main component in the brand’s patented it contains a revolutionary combination of two very potent natural ingredients: alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine.

The alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that is found and obtained from vegetables such as potatoes, broccoli, and spinach while cysteine is known to be a natural appetite suppressant that helps to decrease or limit the intake of unhealthy food.

The combination of these two immensely powerful elements makes PhenQ a thermogenic formula that helps to increase and improve your metabolism as well as burn more and more calories rapidly!

Also, a faster metabolism will result in an increase in this process of thermogenesis, hence creating a loop of heat-generation that brings about rapid fat burning.

It’s like cranking your body’s natural thermostat, A-Lacys Reset flares up the calorie burn rate to the maximum extent, melting away those accumulated fat content.

How is it better than other weight-loss supplements?

The brand’s trademark element(s) and the combinations in the formula for PhenQ are “scientifically proven” to work towards achieving the maximum results while making the weight-loss journey a comfortable and smooth ride for you.

PhenQ has been recognized as one of the most powerful weight-loss formulas that provide you with “far superior fat-busting results” than other traditional supplements.

How safe is it?

PhenQ is made using premium quality natural ingredients. It is manufactured in FDA and GMP-approved labs in the States and the UK where it is put through several rigorous screenings for quality control and checks before dispatched.

However, it is not advisable for anyone below the age of 18 to consume this supplement.

There have been no reported side-effects. But do not consume it if you’re allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn't take this or any diet supplement as they could be dangerous. It is not advisable for diabetic patients or anyone undergoing oncological treatments.

Do not consume it if you have an underlying condition that affects the liver or kidneys. This is not recommended for anybody having an autoimmune or endocrine disorder. Also, avoid taking this supplement if you’re on antidepressants or any other psychiatric treatment that involves oral medication.

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Can you buy PhenQ from Amazon, GNC or Walmart?

No. You actually can’t buy PhenQ from GNC or Walmart as the product will barely be available in these stores. And even if you get it in these outlets, you would have to pay a much higher price. This is because both of these businesses would keep their profit margins somewhere and for that, they'll sell you the product at an increased price.

Also, you have to be really careful if you are looking to buy PhenQ from Amazon. Although Amazon is really good at shipping and handling, there could be a blatant lack of knowledge on their part when it comes to offering customer support.

This is one reason that PhenQ has eliminated all 3rd party dealerships, preferring to handle all of its product shipping and customer support by themselves.

Do be aware of fakes when buying the product as you could come across several “Phen” related products on Amazon which has nothing to do with the real supplement.

These “Phen”-related copies could be from parts of Asia or other countries and are all fakes with no similarity in their ingredient to that of the original.

Where to buy PhenQ?

It’s always best to buy PhenQ from its official website ( that would deliver only the authentic product to your doorstep. And along with it, all the required documents of its originality and authentication.

Plus, the advantage of purchasing the supplement from its official website is that you can avail all of its offers and discounts that the company brings just for you.

The brand also offers the “buy 2 get 1” deal from time to time. This cuts down on the substantial investment you’d otherwise have to make to include PhenQ as a part of your daily diet.

It also provides provisions and discounts if you’re looking to buy the product in bulk.

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So, this was all about what PhenQ is and where to best buy it from. We hope you liked this guide as much as we loved putting it together for you. Got questions? Leave them in the comments section below.

Take care! Till next time!

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