Complete guide to using essential oils for weight loss.


Not many of us are aware of this, but essential oils have been used for centuries now by our predecessors to cure a lot of physical ailments along with certain conditions such as obesity.

These organic compounds which are extracted from plants have tremendous healing abilities and are quite often used in aromatherapy which is a treatment that improves mental and emotional health.

Different cultures over the ages have used these oils for a variety of things. From relaxation to boosting metabolism, to home cleaning and natural medicine, essential oils were and is still used for so many purposes.

And in our guide today we shall be going over some of the key aspects of essential oils along with listing out some of the most beneficial oils and their unique health benefits and how they can help with weight loss.

So if you’re a bit curious as to the functioning and application of essential oils, then you are in for a treat.

What exactly are essential oils?

For those unaware, essential oils are organic compounds which are specifically extracted from the bark, flower, leaf or fruit of a plant or tree.

The extractions are then distilled which helps to separate the oil and the water-based compounds and then finally steamed during completion. The steaming is what makes these oils so very concentrated, as it increases the ratio of the aromatic compounds in the solution, and that is why these oils are often referred to as volatile aromatic oils.

Concentrating the solution will allow the resulting oil to possess the most powerful healing abilities of the plant. And this is precisely why 65 pounds of rose petals are used to create just 15 ml of rose essential oil. The more concentrated the oil, the better.

Originally, the plants secrete these oils to protect themselves from harmful insects along with using them as a protective shield to weather all types of harsh environmental elements. It is this protective ability of the oils which transforms into healing effects for humans.

Essential oils are typically made up of extremely small molecules which are highly efficient at penetrating the surfaces of the human skin. Here is where they differ from fatty oils like nut oil and vegetable oil, which have much larger molecules and cannot penetrate the skin, and hence have no therapeutic value.

Some of the best Therapeutic essential oils and their benefits:

Each essential oil is unique in its own way and contains different therapeutic benefits. Here are some which provide the best benefits:

  1. Grapefruit.: The grapefruit essential oil is just amazing when it comes to supporting metabolism and cellulite reduction to propagate better weight loss. When mixed with coconut water it can be applied on the skin and can be ingested when mixed with water. It has a lot of aromatic benefits as well.
  2. Clove:The Clove oil is extremely antibacterial, and can be effectively applied on cuts and bruises. It also has anti parasitic abilities and can be a great antioxidant when ingested.
  3. Eucalyptus: This essential oil is best used to deal with respiratory issues such as bronchitis, sinusitis and various different nasal allergies. When ingested it can boost metabolism and tackle diseases like obesity and help to purify the body of all toxins.
  4. Frankincense: Frankincense oil is great at building immunity. It helps to reduce the effects of inflammatory diseases as well, and when used for aromatherapy, works to improve the cognitive functioning of the brain.
  5. Ginger: Ginger a lot like Frankincense works to reduce inflammation and supports joint movement and joint lubrication. It also reduces nausea and improves the overall functioning of the digestive tract.
  6. Cypress: The Cypress essential oil is just perfect for reducing varicose veins, boosts self confidence, and significantly improves the healing properties of the body. They are ideal for better recovery for broken bones as well.
  7. Oregano: Oregano is excellent for fighting off germs and has one of the best antimicrobial properties out of all the other essential oils. They are fantastic at killing fungus and will also help you to recover from a cold in an instant.
  8. Sandalwood: Sandalwood has been used for centuries now as a very potent aphrodisiac. It helps to improve ones libido and reduce excess weight by enhancing the metabolic functions of the body and purifying it of all its toxins by acting as an antioxidant.
  9. Lavender: In aromatherapy the Lavender essential oil produces a feeling of euphoria through olfactory stimulation. It helps one to relax, produce positive thinking, improve mood as well as heal burns and cuts.
  10. Rose: This is something that not a lot of people are aware of but the Rose essential oil is just incredible for reducing skin inflammations. It effectively acts to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well and helps to create a glowing skin.
  11. Lemon: Not only is Lemon just perfect as a natural antibacterial oil but you can also add it to your homemade cleaning products to use its qualities as a disinfectant for a lot of objects.
  12. Myrrh: Myrrh is another essential oil that has fantastic antiseptic qualities. It too works to fight against all forms of infection and reduce the inflammation of the skin cells.
  13. Peppermint (or Mentha Piperita): Peppermint is quite well known for being a great muscle pain reliever. It also helps to boost one’s energy, improve digestion and reduce fever.
  14. Tea tree oil (melaleuca): Tea tree oil is widely used as an antifungal compound that reduces bad odor and helps to stimulate the immune systems of the body when ingested.
  15. Rosemary: A natural hair thickener, Rosemary, in recent times is being used a lot in shampoos. It also works to improve the cognitive functions of the brain, boosts memory along with the reading and studying skills.

Even though we may have listed 15 of some of the best essential oils along with their advantages, their benefits do not end here. You can always blend different oils together to enhance each of their properties and make unique combinations.

And each of these oils are used to increase one’s metabolic rate to reduce excess weight and tackle diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

The Application of Essential oils.

If the above list of essential oils has gotten you a bit excited at the prospect of using them yourselves, then here are some of the ways you can do so:

1. Aromatically

Essential oils when inhaled get directly absorbed into the bloodstream and starts to weave their magic almost instantaneously. The pulmonary sacks of the human lungs have a large number of blood vessels that easily absorbs the oils and circulates them throughout the body.

You can always choose to use a diffuser to enhance the effects of the oil. A lavender diffuser is quite common and used in a lot of spas and therapy centers as it reduces stress and induces positive thinking. A melaleuca diffuser, on the other hand, cleanses the air and keeps one feeling fresh.

2. Topically

Topically is when you’re applying the essential oil directly onto the skin. Many spas and massage parlors use a lot of lotion which is filled with essential oils that penetrate the skin directly and go to the bloodstream as they have an extremely small molecular weight.

Topically applied essential oils help detox the skin, boost metabolism and also reduce the excess deposited fat.

3. Ingesting

A lot of medicine and dietary supplements use essential oils as a core component. As these oils are highly concentrated only a few drops of these are used in the products. The ones that are present in dietary supplements act as fantastic antioxidants and boosts one’s metabolism to propagate faster weight loss.

4. In personal care products

You can make a lot of personal DIY home care products with these essential oils. This will ensure that you get long term health benefits and get back in shape effectively.

Side effects of essential oils

Well, there really are no side effects to essential oils, but we will recommend that you refrain from using them if you are:

1. Pregnant

Essential oils such as basil, cinnamon, clary sage, clove, cypress, fennel, jasmine, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, rose, rosemary, sage, and thyme are generally completely harmless; however, they’re known to influence the hormones and may affect one who is pregnant.

Have a heart condition

Oils like clary sage, cypress, eucalyptus, ginger, rosemary, sage, and thyme are known to improve metabolism by increasing the blood flow along with the heart rate. Though this might help one considerably who is trying to lose weight, it is not recommended for those who take heart medicine.

Final Thoughts.

Essential oils are just amazing when it comes to staying fit and leading a healthier life. Not only do they help one to reduce the excess weight but also makes one feel very confident and maintain a very positive outlook to life.

We hope you enjoyed our guide today.

Till next time!

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