How to Lose Weight Fast?


It seems like these days it is very easy to put on a lot of weight without even going out of your way much. There is a shortage of time which makes cooking your own meals very difficult. Then if you want quality food, it is usually not affordable because it tends to be priced on the high end.

So in the end, all you’re left with is fast food which is cheap and easily available but loaded with calories and harmful ingredients. The occasional splurge is fine, however a routine habit of consuming fast food can put on the pounds on you incredibly fast.

One of the worst things about weight gain is that it is so easy to put on weight fast, but it is much more difficult to get rid of. Getting rid of weight requires an immense amount of discipline and time, not to mention a lot of effort. This makes a lot of people wonder if there is any shorter and faster way of losing weight.

While there is no one magical way to jump through the weight loss process, however there are a few other solutions you can try. Trying out a combination a few factors can help you get to your ideally desired weight faster compared to other methods.

Here is a brief walkthrough of all the methods and techniques that can help you lose your extra weight and get you to your desired weight loss goal:

Keeping Track of the Calories

The biggest culprit of making us gain all of that extra weight is not just unhealthy and fatty food, but mindless calories. Most of us march to the beat of our cravings and hunger when it comes to deciding what to feed ourselves. This leads to mindless consumption of all these extra calories which we are not even keeping track of. This unawareness and running on autopilot is what that makes us gain weight the fastest.

This is why it is incredibly crucial to keep track of all of your calorie intake in a comprehensive journal or a tracker. You need to know exactly how many calories you are putting in your body. Along with keeping track of your calorie consumption, you also need to be fully aware of all the calories you burn off in a given day or during a certain activity. You don’t even have to do it manually anymore because there are many apps available now that can easily calculate your calories for you. It’s that easy!

When you get started on a track record of your calories consumed and calories burned, you can figure out where you’re going wrong. So for example, if you find out that you are consuming around 2500 calories in a single day, but burning off only 2000, this means the 500 calories not being burned off are contributing directly to your weight gain.

Believe it or not, this way of eating is going to make you gain up to 1-2 pounds every week! So the goal is to make bring equivalence and balance between the amount of calories you consume and the amount of calories you burn. This way you can easily lose weight at a very fast rate.

Conscious Eating

Now that you’ve learned how to keep track of the number of calories you consume and burn, the next step is to know what to exactly to consume. This step is very crucial to weight loss because when you are cutting down your overall calories, you will face an initial deficit in energy.

If you don’t consciously plan out what you need to eat to lose weight, then not only will you feel drained of energy but dissatisfied and demotivated, and therefore, more likely to quit your diet plan faster. We don’t want that to happen, which is why we need to keep a tight check on what to eat.

The best diet plan for losing weight always involves cutting down on the number of carbs you consume in a day. When you are on a high carb diet, you put on weight really fast and this is not directly because of the carbs.

The reason behind this is that the excess amount of carbs keep your body from burning through your extra fat reserves, thereby increasing and accumulating your fat reserves rapidly. How does this work? Well it’s simple. Since carb consumption provides your body with energy, when you lower your carb intake your body starts feeling low on energy.

When your body’s energy levels get low, it targets the next best thing it can find to make energy out of, which is fat reserves. So when you are on a consistent diet of low carbs, your body goes into backup mode and starts targeting all the fat in your body. This way you start losing weight quite rapidly, and afterwards it stays on a constant balanced level and you don’t put on weight as fast as before.

It’s important to remember that being on this sort of diet will cause your body some strain initially since it will be low on energy and you might feel tired and drained. Don’t let this feeling discourage you or make you quit the diet plan early.

This initial lack of energy is normal and your body will quickly evolve past it and you will go back to your original energy levels once your body gets used to making energy out of your fat reserves.

While you’re on this diet, replace carbs with protein and good fats. So this would mean eating things like tuna, chicken chest, turkey, protein powder, eggs, beans and leaner types of fish for your protein intake.

For your fat intake you can use things like good oils such as olive oil, flax seed oil, egg yolks, nuts, almonds etc. You can use your calorie tracking app to help you figure out the exact combination of all these foods to create delicious meals for yourself every day.

Burning Fat through Intermittent Fasting

There are a lot of red alarms that go off in peoples’ minds when they hear the word “fasting” anywhere. The first thought that people get when they hear about fasting is that it is very dangerous and not good for your health.

However that can’t be further from the truth. Fasting is a healthy activity when done correctly and according to a proper plan. The biggest pro of intermittent fasting is that it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start losing weight and burning all of that extra fat your body has accumulated.

The way intermittent fasting works is that you take small pauses from eating food every once in a while. You have to be careful, however, to not fast too regularly because too much fasting can cause you to get ill since you are already running on low energy due to the low carb and low calorie diet.

You can implement intermittent fasting at an interval of three to four days every cycle and see how it works for you. So for example, you can finish eating your last meal of the day, like dinner, and then give a gap for eating until lunch time the next day. So this will give you a fasting period of about 12-18 hours, which is an ideal fasting gap.

When you go to sleep and wake up, your body needs immediate energy to help you wake up and get through the day. Since you won’t eat breakfast, your body will go into fasting mode and start looking for things to burn to give itself energy. In this case your body will start burning all the fat and glycogen it can find to make up for the energy deficit. This isn’t where the story ends however, there is more work to do.

Since your body has now gone into full fat burning mode on fast, this would be the perfect time to target it with some physical exercise. When you exercise during fast, your body burns fat even faster than during a full stomach.

An intermittent fasting routine of every 2-3 days, coupled with some healthy exercise will help you lose weight really fast and is the most ideal method. Some of the exercises that you can try out during this fasting period are swimming, using a treadmill, going for run, lifting weights, yoga, etc.

Another helpful tip is the use of caffeine before you begin your workout during a fast. When you consume caffeine you burn fat faster than normal. Another benefit of having coffee before your workout is that the cholorogenic acid that is inside of coffee is great at eating it’s way right through fats.

Not only that, coffee also helps increase your metabolic rate and helps utilize all of the excess calories that you take in. Coffee consumption also naturally suppresses your appetite so you won’t feel as much hungry anymore. This will help you reduce all those unnecessary cravings for unhealthy food and divert your attention from the constant need to eat.

After you’re done exercising, take a relaxing shower and wait until lunch time to eat anything. So around the afternoon time, instead of eating lunch you can break your fast with breakfast items. Then you can have an early lunch at around 4-5, there is no need to start skipping meals because of fasting.

Then you can have dinner anywhere between 7-9 pm in the night and still keep up with all of your meals for a day. The best amount of intermittent fasting is every three to four days, however if that seems like too much to you then you can also simply choose to do it once every week.

Using Supplements for Losing Weight & Improving Health

Now that you have gotten the hang of how to count calories, eat right, and do intermittent fasting, it’s time to take a look at what else you can do to lose weight. Your body works differently when you’re on a diet than when you are off of it. Your entire state of metabolism changes and the way your stomach processes and digests food also changes drastically.

So while you may think that you can head into a diet head first, without any preparation, then you are mistaken. If go on a diet without aiding it with some supplements on the side, then you can end up getting very fatigues or even severely ill. This is why it is very important to keep a routine of some useful supplements to take on the side with your diet.

There are some supplements that you can also use to help you not only lose weight but also improve the overall quality of your health. Here is a guide to all the supplements you can make use of:

Multivitamin Pills

The diet plan that I’ve outlined above can get very intensive for your body to handle. Since your body is burning off a lot of calories due to your calorie counting and heavy exercise, along with you consuming less carbs and even fasting intermittently, your body can feel much worn out.

This is why you really need to take care and make sure your body is getting all of the nutrients that are necessary to be able to do activities throughout the day without feeling too fatigued.

This is where multivitamin pills come in handy to help you fulfil all of your body’s deficits that this diet might be causing. There are many different types of multivitamins available in the market and you can get any of them according to your own personal preferences and tastes.

Fish Oil Supplements

If you have never tried fish oil supplements then you are really missing out. Fish oil supplements are extremely beneficial for your body and brain because they are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are literally food for your brain and help your brain recover faster and also make function at an optimum level.

These supplements are also amazing for your skin and hair and give them bounce, luster and shine like you will have never seen before. So consuming fish oil supplements daily is highly recommended when you are on an intensive weight loss plan.

Using Probiotics

Often when people go on intensive diets such as the one I have mapped out above, their gut flora and fauna gets very disturbed. Since your body has been used to a one dimensional diet for a long time and it is more used to digesting those foods such as high carb and high calorie foods.

This is why when you switch to this new diet plan you need to add probiotic supplements to your diet so that your stomach can easily break the foods in the new diet down and digest them. Although probiotics don’t have a direct role in reducing your body weight, they do help extensively in improving the health of your gut which in turn helps you sustain your diet for longer without getting sick.

Whey Protein Powder

Trying to quit carbs and manage your entire diet on proteins and fats can be imaginably difficult. Since you don’t have carbs on your diet anymore, your body needs more and more proteins to convert into energy that you can use. Eating a lot of meat and fish can get absolutely exhausting every day.

In times like these you need to have a back up source to get your proteins from so that you can fulfil your dietary requirements. Fortunately for you, these back ups are called whey protein powder and they’re quite easily available in the market.

You can buy all different varieties of whey protein powders and they even come in a lot of exciting flavors for you to choose from. With whey protein you can make delicious milk shakes, juices, ice creams, desserts and many more things that are much more exciting and new than just consuming meat and fish for your protein intake.

Recovery Powder Supplements

Since this diet plan comes with a lot of heavy exercise to aid the weight loss, there can be some added repercussions to that. All that strenuous exercise can really take a toll on your muscles and break them down. This can leave you feeling sore all over your body for many days and unable to move around.

This is why it is very important for you to take recovery powder supplements after every work out session. Recovery powder comes added with beneficial amino acids that work fast in restoring your muscles and tissues that get broken down during strenuous exercise.

Since it aids in recovering the muscles, recovery powder can also greatly reduce the feeling of stiffness and soreness that you experience post workout. So always have some recovery powder ready at hand to use after heavy workouts or runs and keep yourself going.

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