PhenqIn the current day and age, weight gain and obesity has become a national epidemic of seriously large proportions (no pun intended). There are many factors that contribute to this increase in weight gain such as lack of an active lifestyle and the increasing availability of fast food and junk food that is loaded with unnecessary calories. Having a weight loss plan can easily help curb this epidemic of obesity, but it is easier said than done.

Now a lot of people know pretty much all of the basics when it comes to losing weight. There are fad diets, meal plans, calorie counting methods, daily exercise and workout routines, etc. There is no shortage of advice when it comes to addressing the weight loss problem. However, most of us know that simply following these tips is not enough when it comes to shedding all that extra weight. You need more than just diet and exercise, you need something that facilitates these processes. Diet pills are one of those facilitators.

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Diet pills are a trend that keeps coming in and out of the spotlight continuously. Many people have tried them and reviewed them but there never seems to be any consensus on the actual effectiveness of these products. One thing is certain though, that out of all of these many diet pills available, a majority of them do not work and are merely a waste of your time and money.

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Now time and money can still be salvaged no matter how great the loss, but health, however, cannot. Many of these diet pills have been reported to cause major health issues in the users which is a matter of grave concern. This is why it is very important that we take a thorough look at each diet product from all angles so that we can better judge its effectiveness or lack thereof.

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So what do these diet pills usually offer for weight loss? Most of these pills target only a small fraction of the process behind weight loss. They are either targeted to suppress the appetite of the person or they are targeted at increasing the person’s metabolic rate so that they burn calories more quickly. The two of these functions on their own are not much of a help when it comes to weight loss. However, when these two are combined, they can show you great results in a very short amount of time. This combination is the stuff that PhenQ offers to bring to the table.

1What Makes Phenq Different?

When you go into the depth of researching weight loss techniques, you tend to develop an eye for quality products and what goes into making them. When it comes to something so critical as a diet supplement or a diet pill, you understandably get concerned about what exactly lies inside these pills. You don’t want to put the wrong kind of things inside of your body and end up causing any ill effects to your health. This is why knowing about the exact ingredients that go inside these pills is very critical and necessary. A bottle of PhenQ diet pills contains around 60 diet pills inside of it. Here are some of the ingredients that are listed on the PhenQ bottle:

  • Caffeine (helps burn fat and suppress the appetite)
  • Capsimax (helps in burning fat)
  • Nopal (works to suppress appetite)
  • Chromium Picolinate (curbs your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates)
  • Calcium carbonate (keeps weight steady at a certain level)
  • L Carnatine Furmarate (helps the body to use fats to make energy)
  • A Lacys Reset (curbs loss of cells and their oxidation)

The best thing about the ingredients that go into making PhenQ is that they are completely natural and safe to consume. The combination of these ingredients in the pills produces an effect that enables you to eat your meals to your heart’s contentment. This means you can freely eat whatever you wish to choose without putting on any of those pesky extra ponds as a consequence. This makes it much easier for you to reach your ideal weight goal and to have a slender and slim body as per your preferences. Let’s take a better in depth look at all of these ingredients:

Calcium Carbonate: Helping burn fat

Calcium is widely associated with stronger bones and improving the health of your bones, however it plays an important role in weight maintenance too. Calcium is largely responsible for the regulation of your body fat. Calcium is responsible for maintaining the fat signals from your body to your brain. This essentially means that when you have an adequate amount of calcium inside of your body, then it knows not to store any additional fat cells that make you put on weight.

Naturally, when the body reduces its additional fat storage, it will also start targeting all of the accumulated fat by burning it down and consuming it as well. So it gives a great two pronged approach to weight management by not only prevention, but also targeted removal of fat cells from the body. This helps both lose weight as well as maintain it.

Caffeine: Suppresses appetite and increases energy levels

A lot of diet plans and weight loss plans always recommend you to either cut back or cut off your caffeine intake altogether. Although coffee does cause some acidity and bloating when consumed in large amounts, its reputation as a weight causing substance is entirely undeserved. In fact caffeine can be a great aid in helping you lose and maintain weight. This is why a lot of energy drinks, as well as diet products like PhenQ, use caffeine as one of the main ingredients in their formula. Caffeine helps keep your alert and focused and gives you a steady and constant burst of energy so you don’t feel exhausted. This is a very important aspect of dieting since they can leave a lot of people very fatigued initially. This level of energy will also help you keep your strength up to exercise and stay active. Caffeine is also a natural appetite suppressant so you won’t feel that hungry throughout the day anymore. Caffeine also boosts the metabolic levels of your body which help burn fat and calories faster and make exercise much more effective.

Capsimax: Burns fat

Capsimax is an incredibly potent mixture that is made up of a range of ingredients such as Vitamin B3, or Niacin, piperine caffeine, which is like black pepper, and capsicum. The mixture of all of these ingredients creates a powerful agent that helps attack the fat cells and burn them at a fast rate. This helps you gain that flawless slender figure that you aspire to have.

Nopal: Makes you feel full and provides fiber

Nopal is a unique ingredient that is derived from the cactus plant which is very high in its fiber content. Fiber is an understated component when it comes to weight loss and diets and not many people realize the importance it plays. High fiber content is great for helping you feel full throughout the day, which reduces your unnecessary cravings and keeps you away from unnecessary junk food. Not only that, the fiber also helps regulate your bowel movements and keep your GI tract nice and healthy. A healthier GI tract improves your chances for a successful diet and successful weight management by a large margin.

Chromium Picolinate: Reduces sugar and carb cravings

Vegetables, grains like legumes, and some forms of meat contain this ingredient of chromium picolinate which can be a great aid to your diet plan. This ingredient actively curbs harmful cravings for sugars and carbs which directly contribute towards fast weight gain and fat accumulation. Chromium picolinate is great at regulating your blood sugar levels.

So even if you consume a certain type of food that is high in sugar or carbs, this ingredient actively works to absorb all of that sugar, thereby eliminating it from your blood. Having your blood sugar levels also means that your energy levels will be kept constant throughout the day so you can have stamina to exercise and avoid any procrastination resulting from sugar crashes.

L-Carnitine Furmarate: Make energy out of fat

This ingredient helps your diet to reach its peak goals faster. Usually find in leafy green vegetables as well as red varieties of meat, and nuts. This ingredient helps induce a ketogenic process in your body where it starts burning fat in order to produce energy instead of carbs. This helps reduce the fat level very fast, as compared to traditional methods.

A Lacys Reset: Prevents cell oxidation and loss

A Lacys Reset is made up of two main components: the alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. The combination of these two ingredients helps curb the production of free radicals which can damage and oxidize you cell, thereby reducing the amount of cells. Not only that, but it also improves the way your body handles aerobic metabolism. So by stabilizing your metabolic rate, this ingredient effectively improves your weight loss and weigh maintenance.

2Side Effects of PhenQ: The other side of the picture

A lot of people are very scared about the negative side effects that might come with their consumption of diet pills like PhenQ. The consensus is that there is no conclusive evidence in the scientific capabilities of PhenQ to cause any long term harm. Here are some of the possible minor side effects that some users may or may not experience:

  • Might cause small amounts of gas and belching with the recommended normal dosage due to the calcium carbonate.
  • Some people can get side effects like dizziness, nausea, mood fluctuations, stunted thinking and judgment capabilities due to the ingredient chromium.
  • L Carnatine Formurate can cause some stomach and digestive tract related issues such as vomiting, an upset stomach, diarrhea, acidity etc.
  • Some skin rash effects are possible due to a bad reaction of the consumer with the ingredient Alpha lipoic acid.
  • Cystine can cause small stomach and digestive problems like constipation or nausea and vomiting. Very rarely it can also trigger other responses like a rash, headache, fever, blood pressure fluctuations and some hepatic issues.
  • Capsicum, niacin powder and nopal can cause occasional stomach related problems like bloating, diarrhea, feeling nauseous, feeling bloated, frequent urge to use the bathroom, gassiness, hot flashes, sweating and headache etc.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous might set off some side effects such as lack of sleep, feeling nervous and restless, an upset stomach, etc.

All of these side effects are highly unlikely to occur to you specifically. Most of these ingredients have a high possibility of being safe for your consumption. However, despite the low risk and high safety, there are still some guidelines for people who should not consume this supplement if they meet certain conditions for their own safety.

You should not use Phenq if you are: 

  • Individuals that are under 18 years of age
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • People that suffer from cancer
  • People that suffer from diabetes
  • People that have some form of liver or kidney disorder
  • Individuals who are on a prescription for anti depressants
  • People that suffer from an endocrine disease or an autoimmune disorder.

If you do not fall into any of the above mentioned categories then it is absolutely safe for you to use and get benefits from. It’s still a good idea to always consult with your doctor before you decide on taking these diet pills so that they can properly guide you regarding your eligibility in taking these pills.

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3Why and Who Should Use Phenq?

If you are left wondering why you should consider buying and using PhenQ instead of all of the other weight loss pills available in the market then the claims speak for themselves. PhenQ claims to be an all natural supplement that can help you with getting rid of the bulk of your weight.

It also claims to give you more of a boost in your energy levels than you currently have, reduces your voracious appetite, curbs unnecessary carb and sugar cravings, improve your self confidence and body image, and just make a big improvement in your overall health and quality of life.

What makes this dietary supplement unique from other products of its kind is that it isn’t focused on only one aspect of weight loss as far as diet pills are concerned. It is formulated with specific ingredients that carefully target all of the problem areas that are related to weight gain and accumulation of fat in the body. So it helps your body on all fronts that you could possibly imagine when it comes to losing weight, maintaining weight, and keeping a healthy appetite and an active body.

Since this amazing fat burner is an aid for weight loss, there is obviously a small possibility of experiencing side effects just like any other diet product may have. The biggest thing that you have to keep in mind while using it is that you cannot expect miraculous results over the course of a few days. You have to give these diet pills some time to kick in and actually take effect, just like you would with almost any product that is related to weight loss.

Another important thing to remember is that many counterfeit products that have penetrated the market. Since people who make counterfeits don’t put in the same amount of research and care into their pills, they can end up causing you some serious health damages. This is why you should always purchase PhenQ from their official website to avoid any counterfeits.

4A Guide to maintain your weight after Phenq

Once you have achieved your desired weight by the use of PhenQ, you will naturally want to discontinue taking it. The hardest part is maintaining your weight after the discontinuation of any weight loss supplement since it is very easy to fall back into old weight gain patterns.

When you are on PhenQ you have less appetite, a higher metabolic rate, more energy, and your body is constantly converting fat into energy and burning it off. But when you get off it, your body no longer has all of these safeguards and it starts storing fat again. This is where you will have to make some necessary lifestyle changes to keep that weight maintained.

You will have to eat food with lesser calories and try your best to avoid sugary foods when you experience cravings. You will also have to develop a regular workout routine so that you can keep burning off any of the weight as you keep putting it on. Lastly, if you feel like you’ve put on some extra weight and diet and exercise aren’t helping much, you can always start another rotation of PhenQ until you’ve gotten rid of the extra weight and can easily maintain it.

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