PhenQ: Hype or Help? An Honest Review By Serah Parkar

In a world that’s obsessed with appearances, one can only do so much to make it through the daily struggles with their self-confidence intact.

The world has certainly changed its perspectives towards empowerment. But, being a bit on the plus-size still manages to raise some eyebrows and catch a few sideward glances.

Obesity is one of the main causes of low self-esteem and a lifelong struggle against society’s sneering judgments. But worse, it can also put your body at immense risk of illnesses associated with cholesterol and high blood pressure.

However, with unbelievably amazing developments in the medical field, the world is seeing an upsurge of weight-loss formulas that claim enormously on their abilities. But, unfortunately, gimmicks and scams are as much a reality as a truly reliable product is.

A remarkable new weight-loss formulation that has been known to have provided some incredible results, especially for women, is the Phen-Q dietary supplement. Boasting an all-natural ingredient list, it has raised a storm in the aisle of conventional fat-burners, taking hold of the reigns in that department.

So what is it exactly and how does it work? In the following extensive read we have brought a thorough review of Phen Q to answer these very questions for you, leaving no stone unturned!

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What is PhenQ?

It is a strategically formulated dietary supplement meant to encourage and achieve considerable weight-loss. It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Ltd, a company reputed to have been a creator of successful weight-loss formulas over 10 years now. They’re a US-based brand with factories in the UK as well.

And with the brand’s patented constituents, (such as A-Lacey’s Reset), the formula has been designed to bring forth an incredible difference in the successful management of your overall body weight. To send us your before and after pictures and testimonials please click here

Jessica Lynn. 32 (US)
Sarah Fletcher. 26 (UK)
Madison Kross. 30 (UK)
Kayden Freeman. 42 (US)
Angela White, 36 (US).
Mark Phillips. 22 (US)
Daniele di Navas, 21 (Latino)
Logan Price. 40 (Canadian)
Adalene Beaumont. 28 (French).
Emma Ricci. 37 (Italian)

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What were they thinking exactly?

Not only does increased body weight or obesity cause body-negativity, but it can also put your health at immense risk of cholesterol-related diseases. Weight-related issues can have severe impacts on one’s mental health, crippling their self-confidence and peace of mind.

In such situations, anybody would spiral down into the pit of depression with little will to make any efforts to reverse their existing condition whatsoever.

Regular workouts with a well-balanced diet could be just the thing that helps you get into shape. But the question of time, effort and consistency remain.

Phen-Q is developed keeping a holistic approach in mind that not only seeks to actively and practically solve the problem of obesity but also bring you closer to understand your body and love it without conditions.

It takes all of the aspects of body-weight and the effect it might have into consideration and looks at the bigger picture of one’s health and confidence about themselves.

It boosts your overall metabolism, helping the body to shed fat naturally. It also suppresses the production of new fat by inhibiting the existing lipid cells.

By increasing the energy levels in your body, It drastically affects your mood, making you feel positive and confident about your body. This adds to all the other benefits of the formula, actively working to bring your body in a beautiful state.

How does PhenQ work?

What makes phenq different?
To know how PhenQ differs from your regular, conventional weight-loss pill, that may even be gimmicky for all you know, one needs to have an extensive look into the mechanism of the product.

And since the company takes the precious trust of each of its customer as the foundation for its success, there is simply nothing to hold back or any secret that it keeps from them.

Hence, in the following section, we have discussed the workings of this incredible formula for you. And we hope to provide an elaborate insight into what you could expect from it. Take a look!


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Phen Q seeks to carry out the weight loss procedure in 5 essential ways.

It suppresses hunger cravings

Hunger pangs or cravings are not merely a habit-based behavior or act, but it could also be a symptom or an indicator of underlying illnesses such as poor metabolic functions, anxiety or depression.

It works by cutting back on such cravings and suppresses excess appetite to combat the accumulation of fat.

It improves your body’s metabolism and thermogenesis

A faster and more active metabolism helps to burn more fat, improving the processes of digestion and assimilation.

The natural digestive process of the body causes thermogenesis, meaning that it produces a significant amount of heat. This is how your body increases its metabolic rate and facilitates the burning of unwanted calories.

It is designed to assist thermogenesis and bring about rapid weight loss, which lasts for several hours after you have finished taking the last meal of the day.

This, in turn, ups the level of energy and the metabolic rate of the body, making the body capable of utilizing this extra energy and optimizing the benefits of it without eating too much.

You can learn more about the science behind thermogenesis here: [1]

It stabilizes the overall mood and lifts the spirits

As mentioned earlier, obesity can cause severe impacts on mental health causing the person to lose sight of a possible and viable solution. It could cause depression and a negative outlook on life in general.

On the other hand, rigorous dieting and strict regimes could also bring about mental irritability, making your weight loss journey an absolute nightmare.

Phen Q works towards stabilizing these mood swings which you may experience when you’re on a diet. This keeps your positivity from wilting and lifts your spirits, helping you to be confident about your body.

It also improves both your mood and concentration, making your journey to getting that beautiful body a lot more easier and hopeful.

It boosts your energy to incredible levels

As you go on a strict dietary regime, you will progressively feel exhausted and irritable. Dieting causes your blood sugar levels to fluctuate frequently that causes the body to experience dietary fatigue.

The formula comes with unique energy-boosting elements that keep you from feeling worn out and utterly drained, helping to maintain focus on your weight loss goals. Thereby, it makes the entire process an active and energized one, keeping you on your toes!

The formula “inhibits fat production.”

It contains Piperine, it is debated that it might have the ability to inhibit the fat cells in the body, slowing down the production of new fat.

A certain research, featured in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology that had been carried out on rats inferred that “Piperine possesses potential fat reducing and lipid-lowering effects”.[2]

However, the formula helps immensely by boosting your body’s metabolism that, in turn, eliminates a large amount of unwanted fat. It does so by using this accumulated fat content as the primary fuel for producing energy, burning it in the process.

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PhenQ Ingredients

phenq Ingredients

  • Caffeine (helps burn fat and suppress the appetite)
  • Capsimax (helps in burning fat)
  • Nopal (works to suppress appetite)
  • Chromium Picolinate (curbs your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates)
  • Calcium carbonate (keeps weight steady at a certain level)
  • L Carnatine Furmarate (helps the body to use fats to make energy)
  • A Lacys Reset (curbs loss of cells and their oxidation)

Now that you are familiar with the benefits, let's take a closer look at what exactly is in PhenQ.

We’ll go through everything in the order that they appear on the ingredients label.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

PhenQ Contains – 150 mg

L-Carnitine Fumarate is an amino acid that is commonly found in red meat, poultry, fish and nuts. Your body needs it to break down fat.

Its job is to transport fatty acids so that they can be broken down and converted into energy. Adding more of this substance to your body allows for a faster and more efficient transport (and therefore breakdown) of fat.

Here’s the science:

“Because L-carnitine and its esters help reduce oxidative stress, they have been proposed as a treatment for many conditions, i.e. heart failure, angina and weight loss. For other conditions, such as fatigue or improving exercise performance, L-carnitine appears safe” [3]

Caffeine Anhydrous

PhenQ Contains – 142.5 mg

There's a reason why so many of us are hooked on caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant, which means it makes us feel more alert and energized. It is also an appetite suppressant, which is why it's included in so many diet pills.

Caffeine can increase your focus and lift any brain fog. The ways that caffeine can affect your body are well documented. As one 2018 study concluded:

“Caffeine… increased the maximal rate of fat oxidation during exercise compared to a placebo, without modifying energy expenditure or heart rate.” [4]

a-Lacys Reset

PhenQ Contains – 25 mg

a-Lacys Reset is a combination of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine.

This substance is patented and trademarked and is very much the “secret ingredient” that makes PhenQ so effective. a-Lacys Reset is a proprietary mixture of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and cysteine.

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is completely natural and you can find it in vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

It has antioxidant properties and helps to detoxify the body. It is essential for breaking down carbohydrates to produce energy in the body.

Here’s what the scientists have to say about the therapeutic benefits of alpha lipoic acid:

“Alpha-lipoic acid of 600 mg/day treatment have influenced weight and triglycerides loss in obese patients with diabetes mellitus type 2. It should be considered as important additive therapy in obese patients” [5]

Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid, which means that it occurs naturally in the human body.

If you're a bodybuilder, you may have come across cysteine. It's present in a lot of high protein foods like eggs and meat. Cysteine plays a crucial role In building up the protein structures which allow for increased muscle strength.

PhenQ’s unique combination of ALA and Cysteine, trademarked as “a-Lacys Reset”, speeds up the metabolism and increases the process of thermogenesis that we explored in the “how does PhenQ work” section above.

What this all boils down to is that your body will burn fat much more quickly when taking PhenQ.


PhenQ Contains – 20 mg

Nopal is the go-to substance for controlling your hunger cravings. It's actually a type of cactus.
It's extremely high in fibre, which means it keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Nopal also contains high levels of amino acids which help to increase energy – great for giving you an extra boost during a workout.

Here’s what a 2014 scientific study had to say about the connection between weight loss and cactus fibre:

“Cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) fiber was shown to promote weight loss in a 3-month clinical investigation… cactus fiber binds to dietary fat and its use results in reduced absorption, which in turn leads to reduced energy absorption and ultimately the reduction of body weight.” [6]


PhenQ Contains – 15.5 mg

Capsimax is a commercial product. It's made with caffeine, niacin (better known as vitamin B3), piperine and capsicum.

Both piperine (which comes from black pepper) and capsicum (which is made from chilli peppers) encourage thermogenesis. This means that they cause the body to expel energy (and therefore calories) in the form of heat.

As one recent study concluded, piperine: “possesses potential fat reducing and lipid-lowering effects” [7]

Similar studies on capsicum reveal that it has huge potential for promoting healthy weight management, aiding in weight loss and preventing obesity.

Chromium Picolinate

PhenQ contains 10 mcg

This is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements. It helps to suppress the appetite and occurs naturally in vegetables and some whole grains. If you struggle with sugar cravings, then this should help you a lot.

Chromium picolinate (Crpic) helps you to feel full and satisfied, curbing any cravings you might have. A scientific study looking at, in their words:

“the effect of CrPic in modulating food intake in healthy, overweight, adult women who reported craving carbohydrates”

Discovered that:

“CrPic, as compared to placebo, reduced food intake… hunger levels … and fat cravings …and tended to decrease body weight” [8]

Calcium carbonate

PhenQ contains – unknown (precise amount not stated on the label)

Calcium carbonate is a mineral that is good for your bones, muscles, nervous system and heart.

Sometimes food cravings are the body's way of telling you that you need more minerals.

When your body has enough calcium, it sends out signals to say it doesn't need any more food.
The addition of calcium in PhenQ curbs food cravings and is great for weight loss. This is because it signals the body to begin burning fat instead of craving more food.

As one study published In the World Journal of Diabetes In 2017 states:

“Calcium binds fat in the gut so that an additional dietary calcium intake of 1000 mg increases faecal fat excretion by approximately 5 g/d which has the potential to add to weight loss.” [9]

Magnesium Stearate

PhenQ Contains – (precise amount is unknown)

What's the outer coating on your vitamins and diet pills made from? Well, the answer is magnesium stearate.

Both magnesium and stearic acid (which is what they mix to make the coatings) are safe for human consumption and may also actually have health benefits.

It doesn't have any benefits for weight loss, but it is useful in keeping all the other ingredients bound together.

Is PhenQ safe?

When we reviewed the formula for ourselves to be doubly sure of its potency, we were glad to find that it conforms to every measure of security, mandatory for any dietary supplement. PhenQ consists of entirely natural ingredients that make it 100% safe for consumption.

The supplement is manufactured in FDA-approved labs in the States that involves rigorous screenings, ensuring complete safety and purity for each of its consumers.

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phenq dosage

As per directions, you’re required to take two tablets of this dietary supplement per day: one with your breakfast and the other one with lunch.

It is not advisable for you to take it after 3 p.m due to its caffeine content, as it could interfere with your sleeping pattern.

What are the side effects?

Let's take a look at the ingredients again and see what the possible side effects could be.
Everything on this list (except Alpha lipoic acid) is either “safe” or “likely safe” according to WebMD.

Alpha lipoic acid is “possibly safe” – this is because you shouldn't take it regularly for any longer than 4 years. You can read more about this here:

  • Capsicum – Over consumption can cause stomach upset and irritation. Caffeine – Can cause Insomnia, restlessness and stomach irritation.
  • Piperine – No known side effects.
  • Niacin – Can cause a flushing reaction which can appear as a burning, itching or tingling sensation. May also cause headaches.
  • Nopal – Can cause diarrhea, nausea, bloating and headaches in some people.
  • Cysteine – Can cause diarrhea or constipation or nausea and vomiting. Rare side effects include drowsiness, fever, headaches, rashes, low blood pressure and liver issues.
  • Alpha lipoic acid – Can cause a rash and possibly interfere with thyroid medication.
  • L Carnitine – Stomach upset, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn and seizures.
  • Chromium – Generally safe but can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, mood changes and skin irritation when taken for long periods.
  • Calcium carbonate – Can cause excess wind.

Who shouldn’t take this supplement?

PhenQ is a natural dietary supplement that contains no chemical ingredient. But, it is still not advisable for anyone under 18 years of age.

Although, it is recommended for you to consult a physician before starting with this supplement; it’s not mandatory to do so given its list of all-natural constituents.

Do NOT consume it if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. If you experience any adverse effects after consuming this supplement, immediately discontinue using it.

It’s always better to consult a physician if you’re on strong medications and seeking to incorporate PhenQ in your regular diet.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn't take PhenQ. It is not advisable for diabetic patients or anybody undergoing oncological treatment. This dietary supplement should not be taken by anyone having a condition that affects the functions of kidneys or liver, or for anybody having an autoimmune or endocrine disorder. Also, do NOT take this if you’re on antidepressants or other psychiatric treatment involving oral medications.

Who can safely take PhenQ?


PhenQ is specially designed to be taken by women and men alike, above the age of 18 who are struggling to shed a substantial amount of weight; if they aren’t happy with their body-weight; or, if they are battling obesity.


What could have been better?

Although there isn’t really anything that could be deemed as negative in the formula of PhenQ, it could be a tad bit too expensive for some. However, the brand duly offers a buy 2 get 1 free deal that reduces the pressure on your wallet if you’re seeking to invest in a long-term PhenQ dietary regime. So, you do in fact save substantially on your PhenQ purchases that way.

Also, the supplement takes its own sweet time to show results, which further varies from person to person. No two results will be the same.

Lastly, PhenQ is NOT a “miracle drug.” It is not something that will give you incredible results overnight.

It is highly recommended that you pair up your intake of PhenQ with a proper diet and regular workout. Not only will this make you all the more positive about turning your condition around for the very best, but it will also accelerate the product efficacy for your system.

Let's wrap this up.

PhenQ has been heralded as a phenomenal and revolutionary new weight-loss formula that actually brings you the kind of results you can believe and trust.

More than bringing your body into your desired proportions, it instills new confidence in life that is way more precious than mere validation given by others.

And we sincerely hope that we were able to provide you with an insight into the mechanisms of the product so that you know better about what would suit you the best.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Hey serah, i have been using phenq for almost a month now, so far it has been great. I mean i have used many diet pills in the past but they all made me a sick and gave me nausea but not phenq. Thank you for writing this detailed review.

  • best supplement i have ever used, although the shipping took two extra days but its ok.

  • I was using phenq for 2 weeks and wasnt seeing results as i was just taking one pill a day, Thank GOD i found your blog and you have mentioned the recommended dosage is 2 pills a day.

  • I would like to inquire if PhenQ comes with a money-back or return-policy with it or not! Hope you see this soon! Thanx!

  • Ola! This is Kim. I want to know if I have to workout or go on a diet while taking PhenQ? Will wait for your reply!

    • Ola Kim! Well, even though PhenQ has given me some exciting results, it is not a “miracle drug” that will transform you overnight.

      And while a diet and a workout regime is not strictly required for you to follow while you’re on the supplement, it is, nonetheless, greatly recommended.

      The combined effect of an active workout regimen and a healthy, balanced diet will boost your metabolic rate, helping you to burn fat naturally.

      And if you follow this simple routine dedicatedly along with taking the supplement, it will accelerate the effects of the formula for your system, achieving significantly faster and superior results for you. This will keep your mind and body healthier and a lot more fit.

  • This is Ruthy. And I wanted to know about the potential side-effects PhenQ could cause.

    • Hey, Ruthy! PhenQ is formulated with natural ingredients and is entirely legal and safe to use. However, it is always a good idea to consult a physician first before getting on it. Atleast, that’s what I did.

      Also, do NOT consume the product if you’re allergic to any of its ingredients. Or, if you notice any adverse effects, then discontinue using it immediately.

      There have been no reported side effects to this product. It also worked for me just fine.

      But, as it does contain amino acids, going overboard with it may cause side-effects such as:

      Abdominal cramps
      Runny nose

  • Hello, this is Sharon from Seattle. I want to get my first bottle of PhenQ. But I’m not sure if this product is FDA approved. Looking for a bit of info on it.

    • PhenQ is made using all natural ingredients in an FDA-registered and cGMP/NSF certified facility. It is put through strict quality-control tests, screenings as well as FDA-required test procedures that include heavy metal tests, microbial screenings as well as many other steps of authentication and purification before it is dispatched for sale.

      However, since it is a dietary supplement, it does not possess an FDA approval or authentication itself. This is because the FDA does not approve any dietary supplement under the Federal, Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

      So, even though PhenQ complies to the policies of FDA and offers you an authentic formula, it is not approved by the FDA itself.

  • Hi, I’m Jenine! I am fairly overweight after my second pregnancy and the flab just doesn’t seem to go! I have come across many positive reviews of PhenQ and I’m quite interested to give it a go!

    But I want to know if it will have any negative effects on my body since it’s only been a few months since I’ve had my baby.

    • Hey Jenine! First off, Congratulations!

      And I’m happy to let you know that you can safely include PhenQ in your diet without concerns. However, if you are still breastfeeding, I would NOT recommend the formula for you.

      But as long as you are not you can expect the formula to work favorably for you!

      For best results, pair the supplement with a healthy, balanced diet and your usual workout regimen.

  • Hey ya’ll! Christina here! I’m 24 and I weigh around 72 kilos which is way over what I’m supposed to be. I had tried out many health supplements and formulas. Nothing has been able to give me what I had been looking for.

    I purchased my first PhenQ bottle on the recommendation of a friend. But I did notice that it contains more than one appetite suppressant.

    I was wondering if that will ruin my body’s natural process of developing an appetite when I get off the supplement?

    • Hi Christina!

      PhenQ is formulated with natural appetite suppressants such as Caffeine, Chromium Picolinate and Nopal. While caffeine is a natural energy booster and fat burner, Nopal is a cactus that is a go-to substance for suppressing cravings.

      Also, Chromium Picolinate is a natural mineral that curbs sugar cravings and therefore, controls your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

      The formula usually targets hunger pangs that is triggered by underlying conditions such as anxiety or sleeplessness that often targets the “reward-center” of the brain to reach for food in the middle of the night.

      However, both of these elements provide a feeling of fullness so that the body doesn’t desire food at odd hours, which otherwise can lead to immense accumulation of fat in the body.

      But, these in no way affect the psychological or physiological structure and function of your body. So, these in no way interfere with any of your body’s natural processes, including that of your appetite.

  • I am currently on a treatment and medication for alopecia. And I would like to know if I can take PhenQ ? Thanks!

    • Hello there, Beth. PhenQ is currently not prescribed for anyone who is diabetic or have any other pre-existing medical condition.

      As of now, it is not established if alopecia patients could safely take the supplement or not.

      However, since you are undergoing treatment for alopecia, it is best to consider talking to your doctor about the supplement and the kind of ingredients it contains, before going ahead with it.

      Hope that you get a green signal for it!

  • Hey, this is Kayla. I was wondering if I can buy PhenQ off of other online shopping portals other than its official website? Also, what are the benefits that I can get if I get it from its official site?

    • Hello Kayla!

      Although you may find products identical in shape and form to PhenQ on other shopping sites, and even at a cheaper rate, I would still recommend you to make your PhenQ purchase from its official website.

      This is because the PhenQ products that you see on other portals may be fake ones with no assurance or warranty provided otherwise. And there is also a high chance that those on other sites may be expired products since there will be no assurance of batch-renewal in these cases, so you may end up with a piece from an old batch.

      The official website on the other hand, assures of quality-tested, authentic products that carries all the necessary cards of verification and originality.

      The company also extends you the benefit of one free bottle of PhenQ on the purchase two bottles. And if you’re looking to use the product for a longer term then you could avail the offer of getting two bottles of the supplement for free on a purchase of three bottles.

      Additionally, you can also get ten free bonus guides on your order that includes meal plans, nutrition and workout guides, and diet and detox programs along with a log book for your diet and more! All of this stuff will be available to you once you purchase any PhenQ package.

  • Heya! This is Cameron. I have read quite a lot on PhenQ and have been interested in the formula. I was looking to place my first order of the supplement with its official site.

    But, I’m concerned about this one ingredient that it has: Capsimax. I have been allergic to chilli peppers in the past and since the product contains an element that is formed of it, I am a bit concerned about side effects. Care to tell me more about it?

    • Hey, Cameron! PhenQ does contain Capsimax which is a commercial product. Capsimax is made using caffeine, niacin (Vitamin B3), piperine and capsicum (or chilli peppers).

      Piperine comes from black pepper and paired up with capsicum brings about the process of thermogenesis. This is when the core temperature of the body rises facilitating rapid fat burning. The body expels energy in heat burning the calories.

      Capsimax has great potential for promoting and aiding healthy weight management and weight loss, preventing obesity.

      There have been no reported side-effects from the supplement or the mentioned ingredients. And it had worked out fine for me as well.

      If you have, however, suffered from allergic effects of any of the product’s constituents or sub-ingredients, then it is better to consult a physician first before going ahead with it. And if you’re still in doubt then it is better to not ingest the supplement at all.

  • Hi everyone!!! This is Katy! And I just turned 19 last month! Can I use safely use PhenQ? And also, what’s the dosage for the supplement that I should stick to?

    • Hello, Katy! Belated Happy Birthday!!!

      Anyone above the age of 18 can safely consume PhenQ, so you’re all good to go!

      The dosage for PhenQ is two tablets a day. Take the first tablet during breakfast with a large glass of water, and the second one during lunch.

      Avoid taking this supplement after 3pm since it contains caffeine and might mess with your sleep cycles.

      And are you sensitive to caffeine? If you are, then do not have any caffeinate beverages during the treatment.

      In any way, DO NOT take more than 2 tablets of PhenQ a day in any misinformed attempt to increase the efficiency of the drug or to get faster results.

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