Three Easy Tips to Lose Water Weight


Water weight is considered the extra weight of water that is stored in the human body. The water weight can be anywhere that can be on your figure, face, legs and even on your toes. Water weight is temporary and one of the great things it should not be confused with chronic long-term retention. The increase of water weight can be due to various reasons such as it can be due to disease or medication and make sure that you address the doctor as soon as possible.

If you are gaining pounds of weight in just a few days, then it is only due to the water weight, because fat usually takes more time than the water. As it is said that the human body contains 60% of water and water plays a great role in people’s life. Having extra water in your body is a common side effect that is caused due to chronic inflammation. This can be caused due to edema and have poor diet, kidney failure and also because of kidney failure.

Women’s can also feel the water weight during the luteal phase during the menstrual cycle during the time of pregnancy. For the people, it is not a very serious issue, but it has a very great effect on the appearance of the person.


What is the sign of water retention?

Water retention makes you look heavy and this also because of swelling in your figures and ankles. If you have a bloated tummy, then this is the reason for water retention. So make sure that you lose all the water weight as having water weight won’t button your jeans. You can also feel stiffness and achiness around your joints.

The excess water that is being stored in the tissues and in your muscles, you can find water in your feet’s especially when you are standing for a long time during the day. Many times you will not feel water retention as puffiness or bloat but there are times you feel body weight and feel heavy.

Let’s know how to lose weight

Exercise physical inactivity is one of the main reasons for water retention, so getting and exercising daily can help you in shedding weight and this will prevent the tissues from holding excess water in your body. Exercising will not only help you in losing weight, but it will also help you to lose fat and building muscles as well.

Exercising will help you in losing weight at the same time it will burn glycogen and will also provide you with energy as well. This will help you in losing the glycogen stored in the liver and the muscles, but at the same time, it helps the body in removing all the water that is attached to the body and helps you in losing water.

Exercising does not mean that you have to go to the gym twice in a day so that the water does not build up. So make sure that you exercise daily that can be anything like climbing the stairs, taking a walk daily and also doing little yoga.

Monitor the intake of sodium sodium plays a great role in the form of fluid regulation if you start decreasing your sodium intake then this is one of the best and the most effective method that will help you in losing weight. According to many research guidelines from the Americans, it is being said that limiting the daily intake of sodium up to 2300 milligram per day that is one spoon that is six grams daily.

So if you are thinking the salt shaker isn’t the main source of sodium in the diet. But the main fact is that the main percentage of the sodium comes from the processed food. Food stuff like canned meats, cold cuts, frozen meat, cheeses that can be packed with tons of sodium.

The best way that can help you in slashing sodium from your diet is mostly being eating unprocessed food in your diet. So if you have canned the processed food than make sure that you remember the sodium verities so that you can keep the sodium content to a minimum.

Eat limited proteins as proteins play a great role to provide fluid balance so that the salt and water from leaking the tissues. So if you are taking enough proteins in your diet, then it can be very crucial for avoiding water accumulation.

So how much proteins you are actually taking in your diet so if you aim for one gram of proteins for each kilogram of body weight. So a person who is 150 pounds, for example, a person who weights 68 kilograms should try to take at least 68 grams of proteins daily. Beef, pork, beans, eggs, seafood is said to the main source of proteins.

Drink more water sound counterintuitive this can be done by replacing the sugary sodas juices so if you increase the water intake than this will help you to increase weight loss. For various studies, it has been found out that drinking two liters of water daily can impact your energy and can help you in providing you with energy by 95 calories.

Drinking a large amount of water can help you in increasing your metabolism and will also help flush out all the impurities that are present in the human body. Therefore you drink a large amount of water you can easily lose water weight.

Drink tea and coffee tea and coffee are known as diuretics as they are high active and are very effective in caffeine content. This will help you in decreasing water weight and will also help you in short-term urine. In a study, it was found that without taking caffeine to a participant the urine level was low, but when combined with caffeine it was increased.

So there are some of the ways that will help you in losing water weight. The above article will help you in providing all such information that you want to know about how to lose water weight.

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