Tips to avoid holiday weight gain


The festive time is full of parties and delicious meals that we cannot miss. We love to enjoy the treats and eat more than usual. What to do? The treats at the parties are so yummy that we cannot resist ourselves from eating them. But after few days, we try to fit in our favorite jeans or pants. The increasing body weight and extra fat on our skin don’t let us wear those.

You may see puffiness on your face or other parts of the body during holidays because that time you focus on enjoying rather than avoiding the fatty foods. By the end of holidays, you get some extra pounds that mean now it’s time to do heavy workouts and lose some pounds. Gaining weight is easy but losing it can be quite tough. Therefore, we have some tips to avoid holiday weight gain.

Have a plan

Have a plan

You will surely think about your outfit but not about your food. You will not focus on what to eat and what not because you will be busy in enjoying with your friends at the holiday party. But don’t do that review the party menu and decide what to avoid and what to have on your plate. Look what is on the menu and make sure that your plate is full of meals with fewer calories. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables in a meal so that you can balance the calories.

Limit alcohol

Alcohol will be surely at the party. Avoid it entirely or take a little pack of it as it will increase your appetite. Don’t drink too much before eating or take small sips along with your meal and finish the wine with your meal. If you are not an alcoholic then its good but if you are the one who cannot enjoy the meal with it then have some control over it.

Control your hunger

You will get hungrier if you skip your lunch. Always keep some snacks in your bag to fill your small hunger. If you think that avoiding them will work for you, it won’t. You will be hungry and will end up eating more food. Keep some pistachios or walnuts with you. They are full of fiber and protein will make you feel full.

Enjoy dessert

Desert is everyone’s favorite, and at parties, they are the must-have items. But if you fill your empty stomach with high calories meal then there will be no space left for the deserts. It is a great way to hold yourself from eating heavy meals so that you can eat some of your favorite desserts. You will not enjoy it if you eat it after you’re full. So leave some space for deserts so that you can enjoy the last bite of your favorite pudding.

Calorie saving swaps

Make few adjustments to shave off some calories and fats. For example, if you are making brownies, use black beans instead of all-purpose flour. You can replace some ingredients in your recipes with some healthy options. When making muffins, use applesauce or mashed banana instead of oil or butter. It will not only give a unique flavor to your muffins but also make you healthy. You can replace the need of sugar with natural sweeteners without compromising with the flavors of recipes.

These small swaps out will bring a new change in your taste and will also cut calories and fat from your recipes. You can try replacements in every recipe and do experiments during cooking.

Schedule exercise

Exercise is the good way to cut out some fat and lose body weight. Make it a schedule to do exercise every day for 10-15 minutes. No need to do heavy or tough exercise, simple ones can do the same purpose. Once you make it a part of your life, you can enjoy every meal without comprising with your taste. It is also effective in reducing stress and boosts your energy. Especially if you are on winter vacations, then it is good to stay warmer and healthier through exercise.

Track food

Tracking your food is good for losing weight. Those who don’t track their meals don’t lose much weight than those who track their meals. During holidays you want to have full focus on enjoying with your family and friends. And seeing others enjoying different meals you will surely want to do that. But it is good to track your food so that later you don’t regret eating what you were not supposed. You should not the food that you are eating is whether high in calorie or not.

When you are on the fitness goal, don’t divert your mind and be firm on your plans even if you are on holidays. Try these 7 tips and see the difference. Now, here are some of the exercises that you can do.

  • 15-20 reps of curling dumbbells/li>
  • Do cardio for 60 seconds, try jumping rope, or jog in place
  • Do 15-20 reps of squat, press dumbbells overhead while doing it
  • Do crunches with an exercise ball, try 15-20reps
    For 30-60 seconds hold plank

If your workout is little longer say 20-30 minutes, do the repetition for 2-3 times. So, these were the tips and exercise plan for you on this holiday season. Hope that these tips will help you in avoiding the holiday weight gain.

So keep your bag ready and plan a holiday today with your friends or family and enjoy vacations while staying healthy. So, when you return from the journey, you bring only good memories and pictures with you and not that extra pound on your body. You will feel fresh and full of energy to start your busy schedule again with no extra stress of increasing weight, and your friends will be surprised to see you fit before and after vacation. They will surely want to know your secret of staying in shape. Make them jealous and let them remain in a puzzle.

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